Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Binary neocon logic: Iraq as computer

Turns out the Iraq war was just a computer upgrade that went wrong. Honest.

At least in the mind of neocon Douglas Feith, via Juan Cole, who relates that "In the run up to the 2003 war, I'm told, Douglas Feith was challenged by a State Department official who knows the Middle East about what in the world the US would do in Iraq once it won the war."
State Dept. Official: "Doug, after the smoke clears, what is the plan?"

Feith: "Think of Iraq as being like a computer. And think of Saddam as like a processor. We just take out the old processor, and put in a new one--Chalabi."

State Dept. Official: "Put in a new processor?"

Feith: "Yes! It will all be over in 6 weeks."

State Dept. Official: "You mean six months."

Feith: "No, six weeks. You'll see."

State Dept. Official: "Doug."

Feith: "Yes?"

State Dept. Official: "You're smoking crack, Doug."

Feith: "Oh, so you're disloyal to the President, are you?"
I've never been fond of computer upgrades, and have had some nasty ones. But this is ridiculous.

And as Cole makes clear in his post, Feith was not the sort of person you wanted under the impression that you were disloyal to the president. He was given to using his position to settle scores.

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