Saturday, February 24, 2007

Build a better graph or diagram, and the world will beat a path to your door

”We’re all going to Hell." Posted by Jessica Hagy at Indexed

Jessica Hagy, an advertising copywriter in Columbus, Ohio started blogging last August by doing just one thing and doing it extremely well -- posting index card scans on her blog Indexed containing her witty, often philosophical musings expressed in visual form as Venn diagrams, x-y graphs, and other unprepossessing forms of graphic representation. Short, barbed titles like "We're all going to Hell" complete the elegantly spare postings. This particular take on the Seven Deadly Sins is one of my favorites, but Hagy is prolific, endlessly inventive and the cards are all amusing, and often thought-provoking. It's like something The Onion might have dreamed up, but the Onion didn't. She did.

Judging from Google and Technorati, her following began just a few months ago in the advertising and marketing nerdosphere and computer geekdom, but now she's everywhere. As of a moment ago, Indexed was ranked #375 at Technorati, with 2,057 blogs linking to her. Now she has 2,058. (In contrast, Althouse is ranked #807, with 1,429 blogs linking to her.)

As Emerson might have said if he lived today, "Build a better mousetrap, and you can forget about being part of the long tail."

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