Sunday, February 11, 2007

The dregs of winter in Madison

The spirit-destroying part of winter. The weeklong subzero wind chill is finally gone, but there's still a deep chill in the air. Remnants of Christmas and other wintery detritus are poking up through snow as dirty as the low, gray sky. Everything moves slowly. Entropy rules. Thought bogs down in molasses and comes to a virtual standstill.

From The Letters, Emily Dickinson, early December 1852, quoted by John Latta in Isola di Rifiuti:
I regret to inform you that at 3. oclock yesterday, my mind came to a stand, and has since then been stationary.

Ere this intelligence reaches you, I shall probably be a snail.
Not quite a snail yet, but getting there.

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Dr Diablo said...

Yes, this photo about says it all. Here in the Midwest, the relentless cold is relieved only by snowfalls. It batters the spirit. I have really grown to hate winter.

There is only one benefit to these Arctic conditions. I have friends who are obsessed with global warming and babble about it constantly. During weather like this, they shut up.

Myself, I wish the globe would cook a little faster. I'd like to spend Christmas at the beach without leaving my Midwestern home.