Monday, February 26, 2007

Madison side streets after the Oscars

Enjoyed the Oscars -- especially the two Oscars for "An Inconvenient Truth." I picked Melissa Ethridge for Best Song, which propelled me to a tie in our family competition and my best score ever as an Oscar picker. I'm usually terrible, voting my heart and getting hammered for it. Still voted my heart, mostly, but hearts must be in this year. Maybe someday we'll look back at this Oscar ceremony as the one the president won his Oscar at -- and the one at which Ellen DeGeneres began her run as the "new Johnny Carson" of the Oscars. She was appealing and funny, without selling out the whole thing just to prove how funny she was.

Drove M home afterwards. The main roads are fine, but the cleanup crews haven't gotten to the side streets yet, so our own block was kind of dodgy. You have to get a good run at the hill and stay in the ruts. Once you drift off to the side, you're done for the night. We made it.

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