Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow blogger's lyrical post on the joys of winter, with a barbed invite for the Decider

Blue Wren has been snowbound, and loving it. She's been snow blogging eloquently about the joys of winter, including wood fires and playing with her dog (until he got grounded) in the deep snowdrifts around her home in a small town in the California mountains. And now she invites someone else to join her in this form of winter recreation.
I hope you’ll all forgive my spate of snow-blogging. It’s been fun. I needed the gentle diversion. And frankly, I’ve been so dismayed by everything I’m reading in the news lately that I simply haven’t been able to pin down a single coherent point.

In that, I’m sure I’m much like our Dear Leader, who has long had coherence issues. George, I’ve got a suggestion for you. Try snow-blogging. It’s non-impact exercise, isn’t fattening unless you bring the package of Chips Ahoy with you to your desk and, as far as I know, hasn’t taken food or medical care from little kids, elders or veterans, interred any illegal immigrants or their children, got anyone killed or started any new, deplorable wars.
Excerpts don't do this snowy, satirical fantasy justice, but here's another one anyhow.
Snow-blogging makes you sleepy, too, because throwing snowballs and walking to the market in the snow is sorta hard work. Now I know you’re good at hard work, George, because you’ve talked about how much of it you do all the time. What’s nice about this kind of hard work is that no one has to die because you’re doing it! And after you come back inside, and warm your butt by that nice fire and eat some of your blueberry-walnut bread, you’ll want to stretch out in your favorite Presidential Chair with a comic book and indulge in a nice nap.

Naps are good. Everyone likes naps. Even the Iranians.
The world would clearly benefit if George chilled out and went to a fulltime schedule of gamboling in the snow with Barney. But wouldn't Dick Cheney continue to stir up trouble? Don't worry -- Wren's got that covered, too. Click here to read the entire post.

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