Thursday, February 08, 2007

So maybe we don't need a guy who talks a good game so much as a woman who can play the game

I had been leaning toward Edwards because I liked his position on the war more than Hillary's, but his ham-handed response to bloggergate has given me a renewed respect for Hillary's ability to deal with the rightwing spin machine. We're gonna need it. Contrast her sure-footed, rapid response to the WSJ's distortion of her record on the Iraq war to Edwards' defensive reaction when his staffers were challenged by the right. John in DC at AMERICAblog shows us how a pro does it.
The uber-conservative republican Wall Street Journal published an editorial today attacking Senator Hillary Clinton on Iraq (which now makes me wonder if perhaps she's doing something right.) In any case, Hillary's campaign has prepared a point-counterpoint of the charges made in the WSJ editorial. Since Hillary's position on Iraq has been a topic of lively debate of late, I'm publishing the campaign's response, in full.
You can read Hillary's response at AMERICAblog.

I may wish she had spoken out more forcefully against the war. I may not agree with every position she takes, but at least she's not going to flounder when they turn up the heat. Our battered ship of state is going to need a steady hand at the tiller and an experienced crew by the time the Democrats retake the White House.

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