Sunday, February 04, 2007

What to do on Super Bowl afternoon in Madison with a wind chill of -23 outside

What to do when the windows look like this, and it's sunny outside with a wind chill of -23 in the middle of the afternoon?

If you're made of hardier stuff than Madison Guy, you might try going outside and embracing the cold.

Or you could go soak up the sunny, tropical ambience at the Bolz Conservatory of Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

Or you could play with the cat.

At least until he gets bored, and it's about time for the game to start.

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Blue Wren said...

Now that's COLD. The coldest weather I ever experienced was in northern Germany, waiting for a bus stop for friends to pick me up in the pre-dawn, well-below zero dark, wearing a wool coat, hat, gloves,and scarf -- but dressed for a conference in a nice skirt, hose and pumps underneath. I seriously thought I was gonna die. I seriously learned a lesson.
Playing with the cat, flopped on the sofa in the warm house seems a whole lot smarter!