Thursday, March 29, 2007

And a little barking poodle shall lead them?

The U.S. Navy has been carrying on its largest show of force in the Persian Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Blair is barking more loudly at Iran.
During the standoff, the British have been denied access to the captured sailors, and their whereabouts are not known. Britain renewed its demand on Wednesday for their release.

Seaman Turney’s remarks directly contradicted insistence in London that the British sailors had been in Iraqi waters, where they patrol under Iraqi and United Nations auspices to interdict smugglers and protect oil installations.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Tony Blair told Parliament that the British sailors were acting legally and in Iraqi waters, and that Britain was running out of patience.
Is this the long-expected incident that escalates into war with Iran? Shouldn't we be paying more attention?


ellroon said...

Saw a suggestion that Iran has the 15 Brits as insurance against a bombing attack that is supposed to start April 6th.

We are also still holding the Iranian diplomats ourselves. Tit for tat?

Blue Wren said...

I think George W. Bush sees all of this as part of his "legacy." He has failed miserably at everything he's tried throughout his life -- why not go down in history as the man who destroyed the United States of America, perhaps the greatest democracy the world had ever known? It might not be a "shining" legacy, but he damn well will never be forgotten.

Dr Diablo said...

While lefty bloggers around the globe are, as often, warning of war, they will again be disappointed. Mahmoud's support within Iran is eroding, and I agree with those who view this as his cynical attempt to rally Iranians around him. Britain and the U.S. suspect this too and will tread cautiously. The stagey quality of all this is emphasized by the hokey "letter" from the British female sailor to the British parliament, and by the "delay" in her release.

Even Russia and China are growing tired of Iran's bellicose defiance and have called upon their ally to cut the crap. If we sit tight, I believe we will soon see significant changes in Iran.