Monday, March 26, 2007

Condos after Dark: Weston Place

Not a lot going on after dark on the penthouse floor of the 12-story Weston Place, the only high rise condo in Madison that's not downtown. Not all that much is happening on other floors either, according to the Mar. 8 Capital Times:
Drive past the luxurious Weston Place condos at 625 Segoe Road after sunset and the 12-story tower is three-quarters dark. That's because just 35 of the 121 units have been sold since the project opened 15 months ago.

"It's pretty quiet over there but I had concerns from the beginning whether it was going to be economically feasible," said west side Ald. Noel Radomski.

Certainly, Weston Place isn't the only local condominium project facing a soft market. The number of condos for sale in Dane County is at an all-time high.
Letter from Here is planning to picture more of Madison's overbuilt condo units after dark. Do you have a favorite dark condo in Madison? Let me know in the comments, and I'll check it out with my camera.

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1 comment:

Dr Diablo said...

I don't really need to see night-time photos of Madison condos. Deserted condos all look alike in the dark.

However, I would very much like you to photograph the tomb of Robert M. LaFollette sometime after midnight. It is said that "Fighting Bob," who is interred at Madison's Forest Hill, emerges at night to address his ghostly supporters. This would be a highly atmospheric picture even if no apparition is visible. A bonus would be that it will show your fans you have guts. I am also confident that you can come up with a caption for the picture that connects it to Iraq, since LaFollette was a radical Peacenik.

Good luck. You might want to have a small recorder running in your pocket as long as you're there. Graveyards at night are hotbeds of EVP activity.