Sunday, March 18, 2007

Conservative columnist's brain on baseball

With the approach of spring, in a tradition as old as George Will, conservative columnists' brains turn to baseball. They become allusive and allegorical. They wax metaphorical. They quarry the national pastime for insight, but come up empty-handed -- or with hands overflowing with mixed metaphors and loopy speculations. A case in point is "Your Brain on Baseball," the psychoneurological reflections of David Brooks in today's NYT. Unpack them at your risk.
Baseball players are like storm-tossed sailors falling and rising with the slumps and hot streaks that emanate from inaccessible parts of themselves. The rest of us rationalists use statistics to try to understand the patterns of what they do.
Sailors? "Falling and rising with the slumps and hot streaks"? These are baseball metaphors? Sounds more like the deck of the Bush ship of state.

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