Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy 3.14159265... Day!

T reminded me -- how could I have forgotten?! -- that it's Pi Day. In belated celebration, here's a link to my post about pi poems last year, which included this handy mnemonic for remembering the decimal expansion of pi (each word contains as many letters as the corresponding digit of pi):
How I want a drink,
alcoholic of course,
after the heavy lectures
involving quantum mechanics.
All of thy geometry, Herr Planck,
is fairly hard…
And a Pi Day shout-out to the circular Pyare Square Building here in Madison, which seems to have staked a unique claim to this goofy math pun of a name, at least as far as Google is concerned.

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Nadine said...

At one of the high schools where I used to teach, the math teacher -- who was an excellent baker -- made pies for for Pi Day. I don't remember any of the pies looking like this, but they were scrumptious. And Pi Day with pie is not just for high school students. Undergraduate mathematics students at Harvard celebrate Pi Day with a pie-eating contest, an activity that's no doubt forbidden in schools obsessed with wellness.