Sunday, March 11, 2007

Setting clocks ahead when it's still winter? So much for "spring forward, fall back."

Here comes the sun. It always seems a bit weird when we set our clocks forward and rob ourselves of an hour's sleep, and this year it seems weirder than ever, because it's three weeks early -- how can we "spring forward" when it's not even spring yet?


Dr Diablo said...

I've always suspected you were Andy Rooney, and this rib-tickling conundrum prety much clinches it. Hey, Andy.

ellroon said...

I think here in southern California we missed spring... or maybe it was winter we missed and we leapt straight into 90 degree weather and summer. In March. Which is when we usually get enough rain to make it through the next year without having to go to drought rationing.

Already our pyromaniacs are out and we've had several fires in the valleys. This is setting up to be an exciting year!