Saturday, March 31, 2007

Solid proof from the Brits. Or not.

AP/UK Ministry of Defence Photo

If you thought that this UK Ministry of Defence photo of a GPS device hovering over a ship -- purporting to prove that the British sailors were seized by Iran inside Iraqi waters -- looks a bit like something Colin Powell might have showed up with at the UN, you're not alone. Firedoglake deconstructs the evidence.
Boy is this confusing …. or should I say … was confusing until the British Ministry of Defense displayed that great photo. Now it's all completely clear to me … the upstanding young sailors, on the lookout for car smugglers and otherwise minding their own business … or Iraq's business or … well, someone's business … were kidnapped from Iraqi waters by those nefarious Iranians. After all, the UK MOD has shown us a "GPS device" showing the "location of the incident." Phew! Now we know all we need to know … we have, after all, seen the pictures.

Oh but wait, you say … Seems there's more to the story … Like that oh-so-convincing vial of something that Powell proudly displayed to the UN, our "evidence" is perhaps a bit less than it seems. In fact, there are a few problems with this photo.
Check out the FDL post and the associated links here. There's one question left unanswered, however. Why is FDL contributor TRex's name on the GPS device?

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