Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's with the condos above Trader Joe's?

Condos after Dark: The condo situation in Madison seems really weird. Everybody says things aren't all that bad, given the overall state of the local real estate market. But all I know is that every time I drive by Monroe Commons at night, the ground floor is bustling with activity at Trader Joe's. But above that, on the upper residential floors, most all the windows are dark -- unlike most of the apartments above other storefronts lining this residential thoroughfare.

It's a nicely designed building for its size, and with a trendy grocery downstairs, what's not to like? Also, if you download a sales status pdf, it says a lot of units are sold, including all but one on the top floor. Yet there's virtually no evidence of anyone actually living there -- unless they're never home or spend a lot of time creeping around in the dark with the lights out. Maybe they're just unusually energy conscious.

5/7/07 UPDATE:Soundproofing woes.

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Anonymous said...

Probably a lot of units sold to investors, rather than to actual people who'd live there.