Saturday, April 07, 2007

Aliens at the Monona Terrace

Several years ago I shot this photo of what looked like aliens, wearing their best dress twinklewear, lining up to go shopping at the Winter Farmer's Market in the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Monona Terrace Convention Center. Now, based on the comments of Dr. Diablo at the Marina Condominiums post, I realize they really were aliens wearing their best twinklewear.
By now, I think we all pretty much accept that the Government has covered up its contacts with extraterrestrial visitors from whom it has learned to construct antigravity devices and such. They want to leak it to us gradully in order to avert panic. But there is aspect of this conspiracy that remains concealed beneath a thick blanket of silence. I might be the first to raise it, right here, right now.

Aliens wouldn't just share gizmos like time travel chambers adn ray guns. They would share other aspects of their culture--art, music, recipes, architectural blueprints. I believe these are being shoehorned into our society a little bit at a time.

I believe this building was designed by an alien. The semicircular balconies are clearly adapted ports for personal mini-saucers, which advanced aliens would naturally have. I also believe that tofu was reverse engineered from mess kits found at the Roswell crash sight.

Why not use your blog to blow the lid off of all this? Once you accept the idea, you see evidence of it all around you. If we don't wake up, our way of life will be supplanted by that of the Venusians or whoever.
It all fits together -- almost too neatly. The Marina Condominiums are practically in the backyard of the Monona Terrace. Both feature strange, alien-friendly circular motifs. Both overlook water. Clearly the UFOs have landed, and aliens are among us. Consider yourself warned.

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Dr Diablo said...

You would think that an advanced super-race would be a little more artful in its camouflage. Their translucent, salamandroid forms are clearly visible beneath the gauze. The fact that they weren't detected by Yuletide revelers just shows what you can miss if you're not tuned into its possibility. Wake up, America!