Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Condos after Dark: City Centre Verona

Of course, the windows of the City Centre Verona Condominiums are dark -- the development isn't finished yet. (Although the Landgraf Construction website still says it will be completed by autumn, 2006. What's that all about? In any case, you can see daytime photos here of the construction process, from the groundbreaking phase to the Tyvek phase.)

"New condominium homes on the Military Ridge Bike Trail in the center of downtown Verona, Wisconsin," is how the City Center Verona sales website positions the units -- "available late summer 2007!" The development is a small part of the Epic building boom in Verona, which used to be known as a Madison bedroom community, but which has been trying to reinvent itself as a high tech haven after luring rapidly growing Epic Systems away from Madison. They seem to be appealing to a varied mix of potential buyers: The site plan boasts of proximity to the Verona Senior Center, which is next door. There's also a link to the Verona Public Schools website. And for the software nerd bikers there's a link on the homepage to a slideshow slide show illustrating what it would be like to commute to work at Epic on the Military Ridge Bike Trail, wending your way along the sunny Wisconsin countryside and through several little bridge tunnels. It's confusing, though -- hard to tell where you are. If you're trying to impress computer geeks with a slide show of their bicycle commute, geotagging the photos would almost seem to go without saying.

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Sara said...

You know, it's weird. I live about a block away. The entrance to the bike path seems to be from a rather higher elevation than the actual path. Do they expect to add some kind of path to the actual bike path? Something to help residents actually get to the path?

I'm not sure they need 2 bedroom units in that particular location; I'm watching development closely.