Friday, April 06, 2007

Condos after Dark: Marina Condominiums

The silver metallic Marina Condominiums development that looms over Lake Monona features a distinctive design by Madison architect Kenton Peters that resembles a bright student's geometry demonstration that towering cylinders and large square boxes can indeed be forced to coexist. Not everyone is wild about Kenton Peters' work, but at least people know the name of the architect, which is more than can be said of many of Madison's condo projects. From a Capital Times story about reader feedback on local architecture that appeared in June of 2005, before the development was finished:
"Rubes," a Web forum participant said. "The Marina looks like a corrugated cardboard warehouse, or maybe even a correctional institution with the bars extending around the balconies. Too bad we can't do like Lodi and remove the Plan Commission members for approving this disaster."

But the building had some fans.

Teresa Sanders wrote that she was "falling very much 'in like' with the tin can condos on Wilson."

Carol Kincaid, while rapping Peters' Union Transfer condos on East Wilson, confessed, "I have to admit I kind of like his Marina condos up the street, at least from what I can tell so far."

Again Mayor Cieslewicz rose to the defense.

"I think Kenton Peters gets unfairly maligned because he is trying to commit architecture," he said. "I admire the fact that he takes chances, that he's got a strong vision. Some of his buildings are failures and some of them work. I don't like his federal courthouse. But I like those tubes out in Warner Park, and I like the 848 building, the silver building on University Avenue. And I think Marina Place is shaping up.

"It's unfair to judge a building before the windows are in and before it's done."
Two years later, the mayor is newly reelected, the building is done, the windows are in, and more than a few are dark. And, curiously, the name of the man who committed architecture is not mentioned anywhere on the Marina Condominiums promotional website.


Dr Diablo said...

By now, I think we all pretty much accept that the Government has covered up its contacts with extraterrestrial visitors from whom it has learned to construct antigravity devices and such. They want to leak it to us gradully in order to avert panic. But there is aspect of this conspiracy that remains concealed beneath a thick blanket of silence. I might be the first to raise it, right here, right now.

Aliens wouldn't just share gizmos like time travel chambers adn ray guns. They would share other aspects of their culture--art, music, recipes, architectural blueprints. I believe these are being shoehorned into our society a little bit at a time.

I believe this building was designed by an alien. The semicircular balconies are clearly adapted ports for personal mini-saucers, which advanced aliens would naturally have. I also believe that tofu was reverse engineered from mess kits found at the Roswell crash sight.

Why not use your blog to blow the lid off of all this? Once you accept the idea, you see evidence of it all around you. If we don't wake up, our way of life will be supplanted by that of the Venusians or whoever.

Madison Guy said...

You know, I think you're onto something, Dr. Diablo. The tinfoil hat becomes you -- and keep an eye on this blog. Visual proof of your thesis will be forthcoming later in the day.

Madison Guy said...

Here's that link to the visual proof of Dr. Diablo's thesis: Aliens at the Monona Terrace.

Roy said...

YOUR BLOG SUCKS! The only thing worse is your "photography".

Associated Blogs, Inc said...

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