Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Driving up Park Street in the rain

In the rain that fell yesterday afternoon, the welcoming colors and lights of Taqueria Morelos provided a cheerful note that offset the soggy gloom.

The red lights at Park and Fish Hatchery did their thing, and so did the cars.

The Octopus Car Wash octopus was washed by the rain.


Anonymous said...

I sense a certain fascination with the Octopus car wash "mascot" lately. Actually, I kinda love that tacky thing myself. He's so helpful, what with his mops and sponges clutched in his tentacles. Perhaps you need to make it a three-fer and get the one on University Ave. as well.

Madison Guy said...

Yes, they're my favorite cephalopods -- bright and sensitive, and judging from the car wash version, hard workers.

Three-fer is inevitable -- that one is right next to the Open Pantry on University where I usually fill the gas tank, though I liked it more when it was called Freedom, which seemed such a perfect name for a gas station, what with its promise of the open road and all.

Nonanon said...

Ha--I was just thinking how much I loved the octopus on Old University as well. I should probably think it's cruel, making the poor octopus use its many appendages to carry buckets, sponges, etc., but he really does appear well-supplied to wash my car like no one else. Good logo, and satisfyingly 3D.