Monday, April 02, 2007

Robert M. La Follette rises from the grave

The ghost of Robert M. La Follette, Sr. rises from the grave in Madison's Forest Hill Cemetery to speak out about the Bush administration's outrages against human rights. It's deja vu all over again, because he already said it in the Progressive in March of 1920.
Let no man think we can deny civil liberty to others and retain it for ourselves. When zealous agents of the Government arrest suspected "radicals" without warrant, hold them without prompt trial, deny them access to counsel and admission of bail....we have shorn the Bill of Rights of its sanctity...
This one's for Dr. Diablo, who thinks that there are better things to photograph at night than dark condos and suggested a trip to Forest Hill.


Dr Diablo said...

This is only a test. The site has not been accepting my posts, and I do not want to slave for hours to craft "a sermon that no one will hear."

Dr Diablo said...

OK, we're back in business. This site is like a bait shop run by a drunk; it opens and closes at random.

Your "Floating Bob" LaFollette photo will rock the psychic world. Its authenticity can scarecely be questioned, since Floating Bob's shoes are several inches from terra firma, a stance no inhabitant of the material plane could assume. Get ready for the harsh glare of the klieg lights.

I support the Bush administration and the Iraq war. I must confess, though, that I am in sympathy with Floating Bob's words. The Gitmo detention center has rightly earned international condemnation and makes a joke of the Land of the Free. If we want to operate gulags, I'll bet there are some vacant turnkey camps available for lease on very favorable terms in Siberia.

Congrats on a photo destined to become a classic in the annals of spirit photography. You've really got a pair of stones, muchacho. I could never enter a cemetery at that hour. I get scared just going into the PDQ for smokes at 2am.

Madison Guy said...

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

I am glad Dr. Diablo opposes the Guantanamo detention center, not at all glad about his supporting Bush and the war. But since holding both beliefs at the same time clearly passes Fitzgerald's famous little test, I guess I have to salute Diablo's first-rate intelligence.

Dr Diablo said...

"The hallmark of a third-rate intelligence is its inability to distinguish among similar ideas, grasping them only as an amorphous whole. In this, the dull mind is like the deformed hand of a clerk with whom I have dealings. Fingers stubby and splayed, he can only pick coins from the counter by the fistful."
--William James

Support for the war does not entail agreement with every aspect of its conduct.

Madison Guy said...

The Gitmo detention center has rightly earned international condemnation and makes a joke of the Land of the Free.

You could pretty much substitute the Iraq war for Gitmo in that sentence.

Guantanamo wasn't really "an aspect" of the Iraq war. It preceded it, having been originally set up to process "unlawful combatants" from Afghanistan. Even before the Iraq invasion, the Bush administration had already made clear its contempt for human rights and international law in Guantanamo. Hard to see how you could oppose the latter, but support the same corrupt bunch in starting an illegal aggressive war against a country that did not attack or threaten us. Hard to see why a government that proudly announces the Geneva Conventions don't apply to it in one war should be encouraged to start another.

Just too much for my second-rate intelligence to process. Feel free to have the last word.

Dr Diablo said...

When people hold views contrary to your own, this might be due to ignorance, illogical or inconsistent thinking, a compassion deficiency, or some other deficit. More often, though, they simply disagree about what needs to be done and/or how things should be accomplished.

While I support the Iraw war, I am more to the liberal side on social issues, so I have a soft spot for La Follette. I really like the "Floating Bob" image, and hope to see more photos from Madison, the city where there is more noctural activity in the cemeteries than in the condo developments.