Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sundance 608 opening in two weeks

Yes, Sundance 608 is finally about to open. I went out to Hilldale to poke around at the periphery of the Redfordplex Saturday afternoon, to see what I could see, but I couldn't even get into the shopping center itself. The traffic was all one-way -- out. There had been a fire alarm. No smoke, no fire, no big deal -- nothing but a fire engine photo op, and the firemen soon left. Kids seemed to enjoy themselves, however.

Wondering what independent films they have lined up for their six screens when they open? Here's the list, linked to the movies' sites:
TV Set
Black Book
Air Guitar Nation
After the Wedding
Away from Her
The list is from Jason Joyce's article at the Isthmus TDP. He explains how the Sundance 608 reserve seating will work: Patrons will be able to purchase reserve tickets (with a service charge) until one hour before showtime, at which time general seating takes over. (In other words, nothing much changes for the average last-minute purchaser at the box office.) Purchase options include online, kiosks in the lobby and the box office. Check out Jason's story for more information, as well as a slide show of the interior. As part of a press tour, he had better access than my thwarted attempt. There were no fire engines, either.

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