Thursday, May 17, 2007

We Read the WaPo So You Don't Have To: The second career of Blake Edwards as Idol performer

The voters have spoken. Melinda Doolittle, the best singer on American Idol has been given the hook. The Washington Post reports that now it's up to hyperkinetic fashion victim Blake Edwards to take on 17-year-old Jordin Sparks in the finals next week.
Melinda Doolittle, the most polished singer in the history of "American Idol" -- she effortlessly channeled Carmen McRae, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, just name your diva and stand back -- was voted off last night. That leaves Jordin Sparks, a big-voiced but inexperienced teenager from Arizona, and Blake Edwards, a hyperkinetic fashion victim who interrupts his performances with beat-box vocalese, to compete next week in the finals.
Blake Edwards? Hey, I know Edwards is one versatile, talented octogenarian, and he did start out as an actor. But a singer? Not so much. Maybe he can have wife Julie Andrews step in for him.

"We Watch So You Don't Have To" is the Post's gimmicky department header for the story by Eugene Robinson. Guess he figured he didn't have to watch either, or he would have known it was Blake Lewis.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the show wants another white American Idol. This is supposed to be a singing contest, not "how cute little white girls think Blake is" contest.

This fiasco may be the final straw the public will take with this show. This show is becoming like "The Weakest Link." On that show, less intelligent contestants would vote off the smartest so as to have a showdown with the dumbest of the participants.

In this case, I think the show is riggged. It has to be! Why else would the people vote off Melinda Doolittle, the best singer in the competition? If Blake, is indeed, the contestant that got the most votes, its still rigged.

Melinda got the boot so Blake would have a weaker competitor in Jordin Sparks.

This was the latest evidence of racism in the United States. If Melinda had been white, with all that talent, there is no way she'd be voted off.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Madison Guy watches American Idol? I wouldn't have guessed it, but I, too, got sucked in towards the end of this season.

I don't think the Melinda thing is an example of racism so much as it is that her style skews more "mature" -- and AI is a show for teenyboppers. Maybe her supporters are less likely to pick up the phone and vote, or everybody just assumed she was safe since it seemed like a lock that she would be in the final two.