Saturday, May 19, 2007

Brain surgery without the scalpel

I can't help wondering how many uninsured patients could be covered for what it costs Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center to run this big billboard on Park Street, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Madison, WI. And how much sense does it make to promote expensive MRIs to every hypochondriac who drives by with a headache? Especially when the Turville Bay website blithely encourages repeat visits with testimonials like these:
“My third MRI at Turville Bay- Same great attention!” -- From a recent patient survey

“Patients are soothed by the sunny lake view. They watch the sailboats, the birds… and just relax.” -- A staff member, 13 years

The care I received…was beyond my previous understanding of human compassion.” -- From a recent patient survey
Scalpel or no scalpel, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that this is medical marketing without shame and without scruple.


Dr Diablo said...

You forgot to mention the Scan Van, the mobile unit that will come to you if you can't get to them. They also offer an MRI Club; you get 11 MRIs and the 12th is free. A drawback is that not everyone lives to collect 12 punches, and they're not transferable.

Nonanon said...

Wow, who knew that a "Scrubs" episode would come true (they had one where the chief of medicine wanted to advertise whole-body scans as well). Yikes.