Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Condos after Dark: 100 Wisconsin Avenue

One of Madison's most spectacular condos, the Mullins Group's 100 Wisconsin Avenue has also been one of the most successful, in part because of its location on the Square with stunning views of the Capitol. You might say it feeds the Overture Center's condo magnet.

The connection was made explicit a couple of years ago, when the Art League of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art took guests inside some of the condo's luxury units in its Art & Architecture Tour. It was a fundraiser for the MMoCA and a way to maintain a downtown art presence while the museum was closed during the later phases of Overture Center construction. Madison magazine provided a preview.
Indeed, the view was one of the main selling points for Karen Claffey-Koller. She and her husband William were thinking of downsizing from their 6000-square-foot lakefront Shorewood Hills home when they first heard about the then-proposed building at 100 Wisconsin. They agreed that if the project materialized, they would consider moving to the square. After all, downtown was becoming more of a destination before Overture Center was even on the horizon. Other condominiums were cropping up, and new restaurants were drawing the couple downtown long before they lived there.

When 100 Wisconsin got the green light, Claffey-Koller says they knew they had to act. "It was now or never," she says. So they chose an eleventh-floor unit on the south side of the building. "We thought living on the square with a view of the capitol was on par with living on the water."

Once inside Claffey-Koller's new home, it is hard to argue with that logic. Looking ahead from the foyer, the capitol dome occupies nearly the entire field of vision. Like the bright screen in a dark movie theater, this visual commands your eyes and refuses to let you look away. Move closer and the rest of the square comes into view, as do two patches of Lake Monona. Nearly every vantage point in the 2200-square-foot condominium is amazing -- even the exercise room has a view of Lake Mendota, but it is that first glimpse of the capitol that will stop you in your tracks.

"It's pretty cool," Claffey-Koller agrees. "The capitol view was number one for us."
Have you always harbored a secret desire for a high-altitude view of the Capitol? More information about 100 Wisconsin Avenue is available at their website.

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