Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Condos after Dark: Weston Place revisited

Weston Place reaches for the sky in lonely splendor on Segoe Road behind Hilldale, but it won't be lonely much longer -- more high rises are coming to keep it company. An earlier post showed Weston Place as seen from the west. This is a view from the east, from the Hilldale parking lot next to Sentry Foods. Several lights were on the other night. Perhaps residents were enjoying their unparalleled view of the entire, sprawling Hilldale complex, lights twinkling below them in the dark. Or, as their website so eloquently puts it:
Weston Place embodies luxury, convenience, tranquility and elegance. Weston Place is exemplified by the 12th floor residents' terrace, magnificent views, extravagant windows, 10 ft. ceilings, exquisite master baths, and spacious balconies designed for entertaining.
If the 12th floor terrace exemplifies Weston Place, I'm not sure what the lower floors exemplify -- but never mind.

The lonely West Side condo pioneer will soon have company. Next month developers start tearing down the Humana building as well as the Hilldale Theater, shown on the right, to make way for the Whole Foods grocery and high-rise condo project. And by this time next year, you should see another high rise looming on the left, above Sentry. That would be the new 12-story "boutique" hotel on Sawyer Terrace behind Macy's that the Hilldale owners are planning to build.
The Chicago-based owners of the Hilldale Shopping Center have turned their attention to developing a $17 million, 12-story "boutique" hotel to be sited at the back of the shopping center facing Sawyer Terrace.

Representatives of Joseph Freed & Associates are before the city Urban Design Commission today with plans for a 145-room hotel aimed mainly at business travelers. Rooms would include hardwood floors and flat screen TVs.
The hotel should add even more upscale sizzle and convenience to the emerging suburban luxe ambience of Freed's shopping nirvana. Shop till you drop and then get a room for the night. Cool.


Dr Diablo, Esq said...

The irony of copy like that flogging Weston Place is that it is addressed to the hick, as anyone surely is who believes something is "exquisite" or "magnificent" because it is so described in a promotional brochure. The name, too, with its vaguely British flavor--make that "flavour"--is a tipoff that the targeted audience is the affluent rube. People of taste decide for themselves what "elegance" is.

A succulent Bavarian sausage cradled on a fragrant, freshly-baked European-style roll and enrobed in mustarde francaise with a soupcon of dill is a $9.00 hot dog. So is Weston Place, I argue, and I've never been near it.

Anonymous said...

Weston place is a ghost town. The athletic club that was supposed to turn it around was closed, because the owners never forked over a dime of rent. The big, exciting tear down of the Hilldale theater came to a screeching halt, I forget how long ago now. The dug up lot, is now an eyesore for Hilldale, only frequented by weird little long-legged birds-forgot their name..... Madison did not need more housing, regardless of what the economy has done. One only has to look at how Metropolitan Place has done. Frautschi failed again. I am not sure exactly what went down, but Prudential now has nothing to do with Weston Place that I can find, and Century 21 is left scrambling. I live a block away, walk my dog past frequently, Weston Place was the worst idea for the Hilldale neighborhood ever. (I realize this blog post was started in 2007, I just felt like spending time writing a comment that will probably never be read, cuz I'm like that).