Monday, May 28, 2007

Hiking in Hemlock Draw nature preserve

We spent some time over the weekend hiking in the Nature Conservancy's Hemlock Draw nature preserve, west of Baraboo in the Baraboo Hills near Leland -- a little more than an hour northwest of Madison. From their website:
What is a Draw?
A draw or hollow refers to a valley or long narrow gorge between two clefts of rock.

Why You Should Visit
Of all the hollows in the Baraboo Hills, Hemlock Draw supports the most stunning contrast in vegetation. You can see plant and bird species typically found in the northern areas of the state growing close to those typically found in southern Wisconsin.

These northern species, such as hemlock and yellow birch, may be relics from the time, some 13,000 years ago, when the edge of a towering ice mass stood just a few miles to the east.

You can see narrow pillars of rock, called "sea stacks," which are a remnant of ancient times when the Baraboo Hills were a chain of islands in a vast sea.
My photos are just a quick once-over from a short visit. For a more comprehensive photo portfolio spanning various seasons, check out The Elemental Landscape, the website of Madison photographer Mike Bailey, whose terrific photos of Hemlock Draw are accompanied by text giving more information. His website also lists the art fairs in Wisconsin at which he exhibits, including the Art Fair Off the Square in Madison in July.


Dr Diablo said...

Hemlock Draw bears a striking resemblance to Olin Park--and numerous other green spaces in your part of the world. Central Wisconsin scenery is far too placid. Other Wisconsin regions boast Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, the Mighty Mississippi, or forests of towering pine, but the south central area is like a vast untended garden. Nature can really be dull.

TR said...

Your photos are magnetic.
Thanks for a nice blog!

zac's mom