Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Never trust a man who wears a pink tie and talks about war."

That's what T said about George Tenet's performance on Meet the Press this morning, and she nailed it. Christy Hardin Smith characterized his appearance as "Meet the Press continues the George Tenet buy my book travelling show," and we found it unwatchable.

How "Slam Dunk" Tenet can receive a $4 million advance for being disingenuous at best about his role in going to war against Iraq is beyond me. His book should have been called "I Didn't Start the War, but Here's How I Would Have Done It If I Had." Hard to see why, if O.J. couldn't profit from his proposed book, Tenet's ever got off the ground.

Ray McGovern and the other former intelligence analysts were right about the man they called "the Alberto Gonzales of the intelligence community." He should give a major part of his his royalties to U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq and families of the dead.

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