Friday, May 11, 2007

Sundance 608 reservation screen about two and a half hours before first Friday night showtime

At last -- the benefit shows are over and Sundance 608 is open for regular business. It's like magic. Just go to the website, and with the click of a mouse you can order and print your reserve tickets for a seat at Robert Redford's place.

At the time I made the screenshot, nearly one third of the seats for "Waitress" were sold (gray circles). But since not many Madison moviegoers are used to spending an extra $3.00 per ticket (less for matinees) to make advance reservations, the rest of the seats should fill up quickly the old fashioned way -- by people standing in line. Looks like an opening night sellout. And online reservation system will be great whenever you want to make absolutely sure you get your favorite seats -- or any seats at all -- for a hot movie you really want to see.

Wondering what to see after you get tired of sampling the food and drink attractions of the Redfordplex, or plugging into the wireless connection in the lounge with your laptop? Kent Williams reviews his picks in Isthmus. Missing Robert Redford, who had a film conflict but says he'll be here in a couple of weeks? Dean Robbins has an interview
with the elusive star.
Correction: The reserved seating fee always applies, except for noon weekday showings. See UPDATE.

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