Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday bike ride around Madison

Began by taking the Southwest Bike Path, which actually has its own website. We followed this little passenger on the bike path of life. Who says dogs can't ride bicycles? The path is a great way to get downtown without ever encountering traffic.

We were headed for Olin Park via the John Nolen Causeway, but took a brief digression to visit the award-winning headquarters of Zweibel, Zweibel & Zweibel, which were just honored at the recent Madison Trust for Historic Preservation's 2007 awards.
Among the winners this year were Trainor's Store, an 1888 commercial property at 551 W. Main St. that had many different incarnations as a grocery store, and housed Uncle Jim's Pizza in the late 1980s. Now, the refurbished building is home to Zweibel, Zweibel and Zweibel: Purveyors of Fine Produce since 1421, otherwise known as the Madison office of The Onion ("T. Herman Zweibel" is the fictional founder of The Onion, and "zwiebel" means onion in German). There is a law office on the second floor.

Owners John Koffel and Bruce Wunnicke's project included sandblasting paint off old bricks, uncovering old windows that were bricked over, adding steel supports to the structure and replacing floors with recycled materials, including some salvaged from a middle school in Appleton that was to be demolished. An eye-popping total of 38 contractors worked on the building.
Long-time madison residents will add another occupant to that list -- Millins Supermarket.

As we wheeled out of the Zweibel, Zweibel & Zweibel parking lot, we faced the Bedford Street mural that covers the walls of the studio of WORT, Madison's community sponsored radio station. Since December of 1975, WORT has been serving listeners in the Madison area -- and now, streaming on the Internet, around the world.

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