Sunday, June 24, 2007

Homage to Russian Constructivism in Madison?

Homage to Russian Constructivism in Madison?
For a moment, the illusion was complete -- as I came out of the Arboretum Parking Ramp at Hilldale and looked up at the roofline of the shopping center, backlit by the late afternoon sun, I thought for an instant I had wandered into the world of Russian Constructivism. Nearly all the elements were there in the decorative detail: the circle, the arcs, the geometric grid, the angled S-curve (granted, in true Constructivist fashion, it should all have been a bit more tilted and askew, but it was close enough).

In the arch above me, the letters of the English alphabet had merged into illegibility with their mirror images, due to the translucent background, which allowed their reversed, backlit shadows to superimpose themselves. For one disorienting instant, it looked like Russia's Cyrillic alphabet. I could only guess at what it said. Constructivist Theme Park, maybe?

Then I looked down at my watch to confirm that we had enough time to get a salad upstairs at Sundance before seeing our movie, and the illusion was broken.

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