Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blooming Butterflies at Olbrich Gardens

The air in the Bolz Conservatory at Olbrich Botanical Gardens is once again alive with splashes of color, some vibrant, some muted, now that the annual Blooming Butterflies event is under way and continues through August 13. If you've never been there, it's quite a sight. Kenneth Burns dropped by and wrote about it in the Isthmus Daily Page.
Life holds so few pleasures that don't require either special shoes or a Facebook account, but among the truly simple joys are butterflies. They are brilliant and graceful, and the process by which they metamorphose from pupae is magnificent, when you think about it.

Butterflies can be hard to chase down in the wild, though, and that is where Blooming Butterflies comes in. The exhibit at Olbrich Botanical Gardens lets visitors walk amid the orchids and palms of humid Bolz Conservatory and marvel at the creatures as they flutter overhead, feed on blossoms and sun calmly on leaves. Outside the conservatory, you also can view hundreds of butterflies preserved in cases, and even try to spot some in the gardens.
Be sure to bring a camera. You can't miss.

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Dr "Bud" Diablo said...

This is a charming exhibit. I have ordered kits that allow you to hatch butterflies that will flutter around the house. Since the gossamer-winged creatures are over a buck apiece, you do have to restrain the reflexive impulse to swat them with a rolled-up copy of the Daily Worker.

When "Snakes Alive!" visits Olbricht, please refrain from posting pics of adders and constrictors. Even a vivid photo of a serpent causes me to soil myself.