Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boats still come to Olin Park, but they look a bit different from those in 1915, when it was Monona Park

Olin-Turville park
Olin Park, Madison, Wisconsin has been a recreational center for Madisonians and visitors to Madison for well over a century. It used to be known as Monona Park, but was named Olin Park in 1923 after the man who spearheaded the campaign to save it from development.

Only the boats and the clothes look different in this 1915 photo from vfm4's 1915, Madison, Wisconsin Set.

The site of today's Olin Park was a major Midwestern center of the Chautauqua movement, which played such an important part in late 19th century American history and education. The Madison Chautauqua was known as the Monona Lake Assembly, and they built this building for their meetings. The Olin Park Pavilion was built 1884 and still stands, one of Madison's historic buildings. It was recently renovated and is a popular local site for weddings, picnics and other events.

Olin Park is directly across Lake Monona from the downtown isthmus and the State Capitol, and it provides a great view of the entire skyline. here's how it looked this morning, when a brisk wind pulled a paraskier aacross the lake in front of the scenic backdrop.

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SmilinginSilence said...

I love how you show the historic photo and then the newest photo. I believe, although I could be wrong, part of the shore of Olin used to be the health spring baths(?) I think they lasted 3 years, or something of that sort...I love Madtown history..great blog!

Madison Guy said...

Thanks, smilingsilence -- glad you like it. I think you're right, but not sure either. Wonder if that's the building near the shore in 1915 picture, which isn't there now?