Sunday, July 22, 2007

Craig Wilson's camera kite watches over Opera in the Park as the sun goes down

Craig Wilson Kite Camera Documents Madison's Opera in the Park
Opera in the Park at Madison's Garner Park last night was simply magical. The hushed crowd, listening intently (so different from Concerts on the Square). The incredible guest artists. The stage glowing ever more brightly against the encroaching darkness. And, overhead, the steadfast, pastel presence of a large blue and white kite, glowing like a jewel in the last rays of the setting sun. That was Craig Wilson's aerial photography kite platform, quietly doing its job, taking it all in.

Craig Wilson is a tinkerer and an artist, whose stunning kite photos document the world from a whole new perspective -- that middle ground between our everyday reality on the ground and the lofty heights where aircraft soar. It's truly a bird's eye view, and it's remarkable.

You can see a set of aerial photos from an earlier Opera in the Park at his Flickr site. And don't miss his website, with the galleries (he has expanded into video, complete with audio from aloft) and page about his amazing book, Hanging by a Thread. And keep an eye out for his kite in the skies above Madison. There's always something magical about something so large and powerful, soaring in bird space and bringing back such delicate visual poetry.

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