Thursday, July 12, 2007

The greening of the Southwest Bike Path

Dudgeon Monroe  Prairie
I love this tiny prairie -- less than an acre, I believe. It's a small jewel in the heart of Madison's near west side. Once it was a vacant lot at the intersection of the railroad tracks and Odana Road. Now, thanks to a lot of volunteer work, it's a lovely little wedge of prairie at the intersection of the Southwest Bike Path (built on the old railroad right of way) and Odana Road. And this section isn't the only planting that neighborhood volunteers have done along the bike path. The greening of the bike path was almost entirely a volunteer effort, and this page from the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association website chronicles their progress.

Click on the photo to get to larger versions in Flickr. And if you'd like to see more photos on and about the Southwest Bike Path, click here to get to my set on Flickr.


sssssssssstu said...

Nice post! Links seem to be broken though?

Madison Guy said...

Thanks! That's what happens when a non-morning-person posts so early in the morning. :-)

They're fixed now.

Dr Diablo said...

Just a head's up: Your site kept rejecting my post today. This has happened a number of times in the past. Unless you have software that spurns unworthy comments, the site seems to have a frequent glitch. If you're going to dethrone that Althouse woman, you don't want this happening.

Madison Guy said...

Dr. Diablo, I'm afraid your complaint should be directed at Google. This blog lives in the Mind of Google, on servers belonging to Google subsidiary Blogger. It's not always reliable, but the free software is easy to use and mostly trouble-free. Perfect for bloggers like Madison Guy who don't have the G.Q (Geek Quotient) of bloggers using more powerful, but also more complex, software.

If you can persuade Google to invest a little more in Blogger reliability, I say go for it! Thanks.