Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One of these days David Petraeus will look more closely at the light at the end of the tunnel...

David Petraeus Finds a Light at the End of the Tunnel ...
... and realize it's an onrushing freight train surging toward him from behind. Hasn't happened yet, but it's only a matter of time. Meanwhile, he basks in being Dubya's new best buddy and boss. Frank Rich:
"It was The Washington Post that first quantified Gen. Petraeus' remarkable ascension," Rich writes. "President Bush, who mentioned his new Iraq commander's name only six times as the surge rolled out in January, has cited him more than 150 times in public utterances since, including 53 in May alone."

Rich adds, "And so another constitutional principle can be added to the long list of those junked by this administration: the quaint notion that our uniformed officers are supposed to report to civilian leadership. In a de facto military coup, the commander in chief is now reporting to the commander in Iraq. We must 'wait to see what David has to say,' Bush says."
By the time the train runs over Petraeus, he wil have served his purpose. Bush will have successfully passed on the forever war to a Democratic president. Unless. We. Stop. Him.

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Bob said...

Lest ye be counted amongst the Democrats and Liberals that are 100% investing in America LOSING the War in Iraq, perhaps ye should know that the surge is working. Civilian deaths have dropped considerably (that would be Muslims blowing up Muslims) and US soldier casualties are at an eight month low.

You see, pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan is exactly what our enemies want. They want America to fail. So do Pelosi and Harry Reid-- and others in Congress 100% invested in American failure so they can run a successful presidential candidate in 2008.

Our enemies have already murdered more than 3,000 innocents on 9/11, and killed close to four thousand of our soldiers abroad. Does it take another 9/11 for you and your chums to wake up and understand what is at stake? And WHO is the enemy?

Our National security is EVERYTHING. Rooting our terror abroad lessens the chance of dealing with it at home.

Hmmm... "actively aiding and abetting ones sworn enemies and providing them aid and comfort. I wonder what word in the dictionary covers this definition?