Sunday, July 01, 2007

The rhythms of nature, without booms

It's not even July yet, but the fireworks have already begun, complete with F-16s. June 30 seems a little early for all that, so we passed on Rhythm & Booms and headed to Olbrich Botanical Gardens instead. Fewer people, cars, traffic, and less noise. More vegetation, birds, bunnies, pollinators buzzing among the flowers. More serenity -- 16 acres of it.

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Dr Diablo said...

Are you and your partner browsing for gravesites? You seem to be reporting in a lot from leafy glades whose silence is broken is broken only by the hum of bees and an occasional avian twit-twit-cherooo!

Well, as Frost wrote, the woods are lovely, dark and deep. For myself, though, I'll take the fireworks. I would probably flee the Rhythm and Booms extravaganza, though, as setting fireworks to music is like shining colored lights on Niagra Falls. Some displays cannot be enhanced, only detracted from.