Friday, July 13, 2007

America's past and America's present, as observed on Madison's Southwest Bike Path

America Then and Now
America then and now: American history meets modern America, in this photo taken from the Southwest Bike Path of the Midvale Heights community prairie park. The buffalo sculpture look balefully at the camera, while in the background a resident hoses down the roof of the RV parked in his yard.

The bike path, which was built on an old railroad right of way and completed in 2001, has quite a history itself. Did you know that the Fox Avenue-Hillington Green underpass that it crosses was once a cow tunnel under the railroad bed? Explore this and other facets of its history at the DMNA's Southwest Bicycle/Pedestrian Path History web page. A lot of community involvement was involved in making the vision a reality, and you'll find it documented in the links on the page.

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