Saturday, July 07, 2007

When most people are home sound asleep the Great Pumpkin rules the night at Mallatt's Pharmacy

Mallatt's Pharmacy
(Click on photo and "All Sizes" in Flickr to enlarge the picture and get a better view of what's going on with Uncle Sam and his metamorphosis.)

A Madison, Wisconsin landmark that has been doing business at this Monroe Street location since 1942, Mallatt's Pharmacy (or is it Mallatt?) seems to have a cavalier attitude toward apostrophes, judging from their signs. But they're all business when it comes to theatrical makeup and costumes. Their biggest day of the year is Halloween, which accounts for the pumpkin, which is up all year and gets surrounded with other seasonal decorations -- in this case, for the recent Fourth of July.

Mallatt's is the place to go in Madison for all your costume needs. How did a pharmacy find itself in this unique position? The Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association's neighborhood tour on the Web explains.
It used to be popular for pharmacies to carry a make-up franchise. Mallatt's specialized in Max Factor. In 1973, employee Kathy Joyce expanded the franchise with make-up for local theatrical productions and Halloween. After she began to decorate the windows, word spread quickly about what was to become, with the addition of costume rental, the big seasonal focus of the store.
For more information about Mallatt's, which has branched out into online sales as well, check out their website. Also, you might want to go back and take a closer look at that pumpkin in the bright light of day.

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