Friday, August 31, 2007

Ex-smoker's shadowy homage to the Wisconsin tobacco leaf grown in the Madison area

Ex-Smoker's Shadowy Homage to the Tobacco Leaf
I used to smoke the damn things -- now I enjoy them vicariously. I've long been interested in tobacco farming in Wisconsin partly because, as a former smoker, I had a kind of vested interest in the lore of the tobacco leaf.

The crop is also interesting as a part of Wisconsin agricultural history -- a cash crop that used to play a significant role in Wisconsin farming, almost died out, but has been making a comeback in recent years. Tobacco farming also gives our area a distinctive kind of farm building: tobacco sheds, those long, narrow barns that are designed to cure tobacco by gently drying it with controlled ventilation, which is usually provided by hinged siding panels that can open in a variety of ways. I pass many examples on the way to work. This was shot recently between Madison and Cambridge along Hwy 12&18. If you share my interest, there's more at my Tobacco Farming in Wisconsin set on Flickr.

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Dr Diablo, Filter King said...

As a cigarette addict, I want to thank you for the Salute to Smoking photo and post. I don't approach fat people to scold them about the risks of chocolate eclairs or post admonitions to sun-worshippers to avoid Old Sol's cancerous rays, but people feel free to get self-righteous about my habit and lecture me about its alleged health risks. This post is as refreshing as a deep chest-filling drag from a Benson and Hedges 151 Full Flavor Menthol. Thanks much. Cigarette? One won't hurt.