Thursday, August 23, 2007

One of the best times to view the Goodman Pool's "Ripple Effect" gate is in the rain

A Great Redundancy of Water, and Then Some
Our endless rains have provided perfect conditions for me to stop on my way home at the Goodman Pool to catch up with one of my favorite works of public art -- "The Ripple Effect," by San Francisco artist Eric Powell. It's a wonderful work in any weather, but it really comes into its own in a downpour, blending seamlessly with the pouring rain. Here's how Kevin Lynch of the Capital Times described it when the commission was announced.
Madison's long-awaited first public swimming pool will have a splashy entryway designed by artist Eric Powell from San Francisco. Rather than merely entering a door or gateway, visitors will get a visual douse of water in the form of Powell's "Ripple Effect."

In the artist's rendering of the design, the sculpture serves as the central wall between two entrances, with a shape that billows outward as a circular ripple wave. At the top of the wall - in the center of the metallic wave - a large drop of water splashes into the main circular form.

"The entire gateway is in the form of a water splash and subsequent ripple effect," Powell says. "The gateway is an easily recognizable greeting and exit point to the pool complex. My intention is to appeal to children and adults and create a work that stands the test of time, aesthetically and materially."
Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as well across town at Camp Randall.

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