Friday, August 24, 2007

This is what August is supposed to look like

The Way August Used to Look
This photo, taken at the end of July, shows what used to happen to the landscape around here in August: Normally it's a dry month in the upper Midwest, things start to dry out, and the landscape turns brown and gold in anticipation of fall. Not this year. It looks like spring out there. Normally we get 3 inches of rain in August. This year we have had 15 inches, an all-time record for any month, with more to come -- although we're supposed to catch a break this weekend. The storms race through from the Southwest like express trains, and on the Doppler radar you can watch the concentrations of heavy rain move across the landscape like bright red and orange freight cars.

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moonrat said...

it's fall over here--positive turtleneck weather.

i quake in my boots with fear for the eventual meltdown.