Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Inn on the Park's triumph of function over form

There has been a hotel at this corner of Madison's Capitol Square for more than 130 years. Over the years it has morphed endlessly , due to renovation, remodeling and even rebuilding. Currently it's known as the Best Western Inn On the Park . Earlier it was known as the Park Hotel, or, as in this 1915 photo which appeared in vfm4's 1915, Madison, Wisconsin Set., the New Park Hotel and Annex. The lower eight floors were built in 1961 and had a certain curvilinear elegance. The addition that was ignominiously plunked down on top in the mid-eighties is a monstrosity, a total, brute force triumph of function over form. But it offers some grand views of the Capitol.


moonrat said...

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Dr Diablo said...

Bob Newhart used to do a routine about a guy who refused to sell his suburban home to make way for a professional baseball stadium. As a result, the park was built around his ranch-style home and the foul line ran through his living room.

This picture looks like a similar situation. The proprietor of the red building refused to be bought out of his long term lease, so they went ahead with the new construction and left a notch in it for the old building.

I wonder if a catwalk connects the two.