Tuesday, September 25, 2007

After such a quiet, modest start, it closes with a crescendo of over-the-top colors

Late Summer Meets Early Autumn at Owen Park
Autumn sort of slips in through the cracks and begins imperceptibly. This weekend at Owen Park, that gorgeous 93-acre oak savannah on Madison's West Side, a few trees in the background were just starting to turn, while the prairie was still an impressionistic lacework of late summer wildflowers and prairie plants.

That will change all too soon, when Mother Nature throws away the delicate Renoir palette of summer and once again starts painting with a more vibrant, expressionist brush. One of the best places to see the peak colors of autumn once they reach southern Wisconsin is the Baraboo Hills. This preview of coming attractions was shot on a gorgeous October afternoon, looking south from the top of East Bluff in Devil's Lake State Park, near Baraboo, about an hour from Madison.


moonrat said...

these are fantastic.

Tom Hilton said...

Nice. I miss fall color. The aspen in the Sierra are pretty spectacular come mid-October, but that's a ways away.