Friday, September 07, 2007

Beacon of literacy illuminating the night

Beacon of Literacy Illuminating the Night
This is the Sequoya Branch of the Madison Public Library. I love that place, especially at night -- it's open weeknights until 9:00, making it a convenient place to pick up my reserved books after work. Just pull into the strip mall where it's located, run in and go home and enjoy! It looks especially welcoming after dark, when the window just seems to glow with the light of the accumulated knowledge stored within. (The flashy light is a recent touch. I think it's meant to let people know that they're still open, despite the rather intimidating forest of construction that nearly surrounds it -- and which will in a few months result in a new, larger home for this branch.)

And thank you, MPL -- I've never been able to spell "Sequoya," let alone imagine how to spell it, but posting this has finally forced me to learn. S-e-q-u-o-y-a -- oh, that's how it goes. Cool.

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