Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Got a letter from the mayor today attached to a great big plastic bin

Got  a Letter from the Mayor Today Attached to  a Great Big Plastic Bin
It wasn't any old bin. Mayor Dave explained that it was our "new tan refuse cart" (to go with the new trucks with the robot arms). To make sure I knew the message came from him, he attached his picture. He has a nice smile, one that would enhance any refuse cart.

Turns out it wasn't just a letter. That was just page 1 of what was actually Cart Chronicle, a trash cart newsletter and user's manual. Not a lot there that was unexpected, but I did find out that the city will have fewer trucks out collecting trash now that they all have robot arms. How many fewer? Mayor Dave's letter said "there will be 4 fewer trucks on the road every day collecting trash." But according to "Big Blue Trucks Do Double Duty" (quite an alliterative binge there) on page 4, "our old system needed 49 trucks for refuse and recycling. Our new automated fleet will require only 37 trucks." Must be the new math.

Oh, and if you're tempted to save the collection fee and get rid of that old computer monitor or microwave by depositing it at the bottom of your cart under all the trash bags -- forget it. The new trucks have cameras to record illicit waste and the carts have serial numbers (which should face the street). Just thought I'd pass that on, in case you were wondering.


cathy said...

I read something about the number of trucks. With the old method, they need a different kind of truck for garbage and recycling, so they had to keep spares of both kinds (in case one broke down). With the new method , the trucks do 'double duty' so they only need one set of spares. That's why the difference in the size of the fleet is larger than the difference in the number of trucks on the road.

Anonymous said...

Even if they were all the same kind of truck, using four fewer per day would mean far less wear and tear on the entire fleet, necessitating fewer alternate vehicles.

In other words, the size of the fleet drops because the individual demand for each day drops. Nothing new about that.

Anonymous said...

As you may recall, the predecessor to the Cart Chronicle was the Recyclopedia. In the future, I'm sure we can look forward to the Rubbish Reader, Trash Times, Crap Compendium and other updates named in a ridiculous yet endearing fashion (I picture a cubicle-dwelling city employee momentarily enthused by his/her own creativity).

Edyn Real Estate said...

Wow! Can't believe you actually read that! I made the mistake of not following instructions in Monona (we have robot arms). I got a big sticker acrossed my bin telling me never to do that again!