Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lombardino's chef is dreaming of beef

Lombardino's Chef is Dreaming of Beef
I always used to wonder what the chef in that wonderfully wacky Lombardino's billboard here in Madison was ogling. But ever since the Best Western Inntowner across the street installed this sculpture, it's been self-evident. The sculpture? It's the "Cow Parade Wisconsin" entry that was sponsored by the Inntowner last year.


Dr Luigi Diablo said...

Mama mia! Dat-a bella bovina aint-a no-a bull-a, Mad-a Guy-a!

With a little practice, anyone can master a phony Italian accent. Simply add an 'a' to every word not already ending in one and substitute a 'd' for the 'th' sound. This is an invaluable party skill; anything is funny when rendered in stage Italian.

"In-a God-a We-a Trust-a!" See what I mean?

Anonymous said...

I'd never noticed that devilish glint in the chef's eye before I saw your clever photo - poor cow :)
Thanks for your visit to Madison Daily photo which is, unfortunately, winding down. Dodgy camera & no time; but I do visiting your site. - chris

Anonymous said...

Don't you know where can I find really good French chefs to study French culinary from them?