Sunday, September 23, 2007

Murdering trees on the Capitol Square

Tree Murder on the Capitol Square
The old, big trees on the outside terrace of the Capitol Square are being removed. Having cleared South Carroll Street, the city can now move on to North Carroll and clear those big, old pesky trees in the background.

Call me an old-fashioned tree-hugger, but I think this is a crime. What's the hurry? There's no major problem with the trees now. They provide shade and beauty, and removing them totally destroys the character of the Square. Sure, there may be long-term problems with these trees because of what has been built around them. That doesn't mean they have to be destroyed now, en masse, as some weird kind of preventive measure.

Whatever happened to the idea of doing some judicious replacement and letting new trees grow naturally to replace the older ones. What's this totalitarian impulse to landscape the Square by clearcutting it?


Nonanon said...

I'm with you. Those trees are one of the best parts of the Capitol square. This is totally depressing. Why can't they do some judicious replacement? Evidently the need to progress without a plan or with any kind of thought for the future is proceeding apace inside AND outside of the Capitol building...Pathetic.

Woodman, spare that tree... said...

MadGuy, a little piece of you dies whenever a tree topples or the wrecking ball hits an old building. You've never posted a demand for something old to be plowed under to make way for something new.

Your sentiments are understandable. The trouble is, societies as well as individuals need to adapt, to constantly reinvent themselves, and destruction often has to precede creation. The plants and buildings you're always mourning were once new, displacing whatever was there before.

We Boomers wouldn't want to be a stultifying influence by insisting that large parts of the world we once knew be preserved; we would rob the community of a lot of its vitality, turning it into a sort of museum. In fact, we will soon have to get offstage ourselves to make way for succeeding generations--although I hope to be somehow exempted from death. I haven't figured out the details of that, though. I've given up on cryonics, since freezing Ted Williams didn't go so well. If they cut corners preserving the Splended Splinter, I'm not going to entrust them with me. I don't want to be reanimated looking something out of "Night of the Living Dead."

Madison Guy said...

Woodman, I don't object to all destruction of the past -- just the premature destruction of large, magnificent shade trees so that toy mall trees can take their place. Is that too much to ask?

Good luck with that ressurection thing, though.

Nonanon said...

I find it very interesting that, all in one post, Woodman demands that everyone get on board with ALL change (all change is not inherently good, sorry) and then tries to figure out a way not to change from his status of hanging around on the earth. I really hope s/he was being facetious there.

Steady on, Madison Guy, I think your repeated requests for at least a bit of thought before all destruction are a nice touch of sanity in this world.