Saturday, September 08, 2007

So I decided to put up my feet, take a break, and find out what FUTAB means

So I Decided to Put Up My Feet, Take a Break, and Find Out What FUTAB Means
For some of us, living in a wired world, exciting as it can be, may often mean feeling completely out of it ...

Like me, yesteday afternoon in the office: Time to put up my feet and take a break -- a Flickr break, which has come to replace the smoking break I used to take out by the trash dumpster back when I was a smoker. Basically, it's meant replacing one social network with another -- a ragtag group of smelly addicts with a ragtag virtual group of visual, verbal people.

Lately I've been noticing that some of them have been tagging some of their photos with the acronym FUTAB, often on Friday. I'm usually the last to hear new Internet buzzwords, and I have no idea of what this term means, although the opening "F" and "U" seem suggestive. Is this really a workplace-safe term, especially if accompanied by a photograph? Is it safe to look at a FUTAB photo? What if my boss walks by?

So I turn to Google. Immediately my worst suspicions are confirmed. Sprinkled across the screen, I see the words forming the acronym spelled out several times: "F-Worded Up The A-Word Backwards." Sounds strenuous, probably pornographic and no doubt painful. My first thought was, good thing I looked that up.

My second thought was, this can't be. Surely not all those Flickrites were using off-color tags on their photos. Besides, what about all those feet that showed up in their photos? I decided to look further and checked the online Urban Dictionary. Yes. Turns out there are two meanings of the term. The oldest is the one I was concerned about, and it seems to be fading fast. The newer meaning seems to have gone viral just this year. Of course: "Feet Up, Take a Break."


moonrat said...


Madison Guy said...

And that would be an acronym for what?

Dr Diablo said...

It looks like your left shoe is brown while its mate is black as coal. Unless one of them contains an orthopedic device, you need to double-check your feet in the morning. Mismatched shoes will not only bump you off the executive track but could get you sent to the company's health nurse for a quick mental status exam. Don't ask me how I know this.

Madison Guy said...

Dr. Diablo, what mismatched shoes?

Thanks for reminding me that a conceptual photo like this probably works better in black and white.

Dr Diablo said...

Upon further review, it's obvious that this is a pair of matched Florsheims. I think my sunglasses were the problem, and I do apologize for the insinuation that your shape-and color-matching skills might be deteriorating. I hope I didn't scare you or your loved ones.

The photo did seem designed to attract hits from the fetishistic crowd. That's not my idea of "conceptual," but it's shrewd marketing. The word "feet" generally means several thousand additional hits per day.