Saturday, September 01, 2007

UW Dance Program builds on its successes in Lathrop Hall

Lathrop Hall Pseudo Panorama
Following on the heels of the UW Dance Program's 80th anniversary celebration during the last academic year, faculty, staff and students are gearing up for another busy year in Lathrop Hall. New students, guest artists and the public will be welcomed at a variety of special events throughout the fall (highlights listed here.)

UW Dance Program is housed in historic Lathrop Hall. There wasn't enough room to back up and get a head-on shot of the entire building in one shot with my point and shoot. Thus, the pseudo panorama. They faced the same problem in 1915 when Lathrop Hall, shown in vfm4's 1915, Madison, Wisconsin Set, was photographed, and they shot it at an angle. I could have duplicated that shot, but I wanted to show the whole building and the decorative UW planting in front.

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Dr Diablo said...

Like all the pictures in the Madison Yesteryear series, the Lathrop photo is fascinating and evocative. However, it appears that your post about the UW Dance Program will not ignite the verbal fireworks you had hoped for. I suggest we move on from here.