Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Bubble Wonders Show

The Bubble Wonders Show
The Hilldale Theater is being torn down to build another condo like Weston Place in the background. Hard to see what's driving this project except the sheer momentum of the Madison real estate bubble's rapidly ebbing tide. Soon all that will be left of the theater is the marquee, which seems to say it all. The Bubble Wonders Show. Exactly.


Tom Bozzo said...

Best. Picture. Ever.

Regarding "what's driving this project," there's enough of a non-residential component to keep it going -- the new Whole Foods, commercial space on the lower floors of the condo tower (a good chunk of which my employer expects to occupy when completed), and the hotel which was planned for elsewhere on the site but is replacing a now-delayed second building of condos. In response to the official line from Freed that market conditions had nothing to do with the hotel change, a chorus of "bullshit" rose from our current offices across the street.

I have my doubts as to how strong the "pre-sales" are, since bubblier areas have shown that speculators will walk away from large deposits if the alternative is worse. OTOH, the end of cheap motoring should help support developments like Hilldale -- and the residential bust has, indeed, been a lot more pronounced out in the sprawl.

Nonanon said...

I will miss that old Hilldale theatre sign though. Great script on that sign that I never really appreciated before. So typical--appreciation right before destruction.

Geoff said...

I was so surprised to find this entry. I am the one who was performing the Bubble Wonders show at the Hilldale Mall. I was struck by the way the sign stood out against the evening sky and the rubble beyond. I stopped and took some photos too.

There was someone taking photos at the same time. Was that you? It was on Sunday Oct. 21st.

Too strange.

Thanks for the smile.


Geoff Akins

Madison Guy said...

Geoff, Yes -- it was me. Thanks for stoppin gby and adding the small world story. See my comment on Flickr as well.