Monday, October 22, 2007

Hanging out on Gorham Street for more than two years

We get downtown often, but we don't always spend a lot of time walking around. Last Saturday, after taking in the Farmers' Market, lunch at Chautara, and the Zombie Lurch on State Street, we wandered back to our car by way of the 300 block of West Gorham. That's where I saw this mural for the first time. These people have been sitting here, behind the Lands' End Outlet, for more than 2 years, and I never even noticed, despite driving by countless times. You see things differently on foot (perhaps because you don't have to worry about pedestrians running in front of your car). Once I became aware of it, the mural really stood out, and I wondered about who painted it (artist Mikii Youngbauer) and who the people were. As usual, the Internet answered all my questions.

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George H. said...

Sometimes I'll ride my "office bike," a 1968 Robin Hood 3-speed, downtown and just cycle back and forth, back and forth, the cross streets in much the way you describe walking. It is a good discovery excercise, and I'm glad you found the cool mural.
George H.